concert etiquette: 4 reasons why you should put away your camera

1. YOU’RE THERE! you are THERE. you were up in the morning three months ago for the presale, you spent $10 on parking, you waited in a long line, security didn’t find the weed in your pocket, you bought a $12 beer, and now, you are in. take in the performance. let it record into your memory. ENJOY IT.

2. if you would like to take pictures, do it for a song. maybe even half a song. then put it away. the next morning, your cool weekly arts magazine and your favorite local music blog will have photos that are way better than yours, anyway. fantastic photos taken from in front of the stage with a dope camera. not from the balcony on a 1.3 megapixel BlackBerry.

3. you’re going to film an entire song? every song? really? really?! you’re telling me you’re going to go home, pop some popcorn, and watch your crappy footage? someone else will put it on YouTube. so why not watch the show happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU?

4. IT’S RUDE! it’s so ridiculously rude. it’s distracting when you’re holding up your bright iphone next to my face. it’s distracting when the sea of people in front of me is scattered with glaring screens. it distracts me to think about how shitty it is that you’re missing such an amazing show, that you’re watching it from a tiny screen, when it’s right in front of you. and all of this takes away from my experience. you asshole.

i’m done now, thank you.
-Charlene deGuzman 

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