I Forgot My Phone

I came up with the idea for this video when I was at a concert seeing my favorite DJ. The people in front of me had their phones up in the air the entire time - filming, taking pictures, posting them to Facebook and Instagram, tweeting about how cool this concert was. I saw all of this. Because it was right in front of my face. The glaring screens were right in front of my face, because I’m 5 foot 2, the perfect height for things to be right in front of my face.

Some of you may know that this has been one of my biggest pet peeves for a long time. But you see, it’s not until very recently that I’ve discovered the joy in being in the moment - listening to people, looking at faces, expressions, details, looking at the colors of things, smelling smells, tasting food - and it’s not until now that I’ve realized that everyone - including me - is on their phones. A lot. Like, a fuck ton. And it makes me sad. I’m constantly working on living in the moment, enjoying and taking it all in (without Instagramming them - GASP!) but I know it takes a little practice. Would you maybe wanna practice with me? Even for a day. Even for an HOUR.

Because there is a moment happening right in front of you, right this second, and you’re missing it.

This had been a shared view for years with my director, Miles Crawford, and thankfully, we put together this video to share with all of you and the rest of the world.

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